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The Crapaud Exhibition was first held in the year 1953 at the same location as the present fair grounds. Records have been recorded of the fair's activities since that time and it is interesting to note that one of the founding members continues to be active on our 22 member board.

The Crapaud Exhibition was incorporated in the year 1955.  It was primarily an agricultural fair with a governing body of 10 directors.

It was created to provide an event where the primary industry, farming, could be a focus of attention in a social event. It provided the farmers an opportunity to congregate and show the public the quality of produce and livestock that was being produced on the farms in the area. The competition between one another created excitement and memories to last forever. The women and the Women's Institute supported the event and for them it became an opportunity to show their home baking skills, handicraft, gardening and plant growing success.

Max Thompson was the first President of the Association, a position he held for twenty-five years. Over these years he directed the gradual growth and direction of the fair. His replacement, Elmer MacDonald has served as President since that time. Both of these men were of the founding members of the P.E.I. Association of Exhibitions. These men were and are committed to the fair industry and working with their dedicated Board of directors who have served from one to 50 years. They have brought the Crapaud Exhibition from its humble beginning to the widely recognized fair it has become.

In 1972 the midway didn't appear for our show. This had been all we offered the younger people. This caused us to stop and reflect. We made a decision to begin to promote a program for children that was educational, fun and agriculturally orientated. That was one of the most rewarding decisions we ever made.

The introduction of the Tractor and Truck Pulling Championships in 1981 has had a huge impact on our Exhibition financially, because of the huge appeal and the competitors who come from outside the province. This in turn generates business in the area.

The introduction of Concert night to our fair has also added another dimension.  As many as 1100 people have attended the Wayne Rostad appearances, one of which was taped by CBC and featured as an hour special on National Television. The Nova Scotia Mass Choir, Bruce Guthro, Farmer's Daughters, O'Brien Sisters were other feature performers over the years.

Several years ago, the village of Crapaud decided to add a parade to the list of events surrounding the Exhibition. This exhibits how this community works together to compliment one another with their effort. This has become extremely popular as old and young find their way to the street to enjoy the event.

In 2015, in lieu of the traditional parade on Friday night, the Village has opted to do a Community  Kitchen Party Barbeque on the exhibition grounds at 5:30 pm prior to the PEI HAs Talent show in the Actiplex, and the Crapaud Exhibition Official Opening at 7:30 pm.

Each year the Crapaud Exhibition Board plans a programme to include variety and a true educational experience for Islanders and Visitors from away.

You are invited to spend some time with us in 2015.


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Crapaud Exhibition Association
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