Elmer MacDonald: President             Eric Dixon:  Vice President

Jamie Thompson:  Second Vice President            Paula Sark: Treasurer

Sherri Jessome :  Secretary

Gladys Lowther (Past Treasurer, Advisor), Frank MacDonald (4H), Arnold Stewart (Grounds Superintendent), Jamie Thompson & Jason Webster (Tractor Pull Co-Chairs), George Ferguson & Boyd MacQuarrie (Truck Pull Co-Chairs), Tom Albrecht & Jamie MacPhail (Advertising and Promotion), Jim Colodey (Member-at-large), Della Ferguson, Gertie Campbell & Fran Albrecht (“PEI Has Talent” show), Heather Dixon & Hilda Colodey (Agriculture Awareness), Anna Stewart (WI Barbecue Chicken Dinners), Catherine Ferguson, David Harman, David Tingley and Charmaine MacGregor (Savour the Flavour), Ron Matters (Woodsmen Competition), Gerald Dixon (Coordinator Agriplex events), Norman Powell (Heavy Horse Pulls), John Green (Holstein Heifer show), Ian Nantes, Jamie MacPhail & Eric Dixon (Gates), Pam MacEwen (Truck & Lawn Tractor support), Fran Albrecht (Children’s Activities), Mack Dixon (Small Animals), Della Ferguson, Tom Albrecht & Kyle Ferguson (Web & Social Media), George Nicholson (Honorary Director)

We wish to express our thanks to all those who participate in this Exhibition.  Without your dedication to these events, we would not be able to continue this agricultural fair in the heart of the South Shore for the entertainment and enjoyment of all.

 President and Directors of the Crapaud Exhibition Association



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Crapaud Exhibition Association
PO Box 153
20569 Trans Canada Highway
Crapaud, PEI,
C0A 1J0
Phone: (902) 658-2030 (Seasonal)

Email: admin@crapaudexhibition.com

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