64th Annual Crapaud Exhibition

President’s Message

2017 marks the year of another great exhibition being planned by the directors of Crapaud Exhibition.  Special events are being featured in addition to those we have on a regular basis.  Our sixty fourth annual exhibition will honor the 150th anniversary celebration of the birth of this great country.

We extend the warmest welcome to those who regularly attend our events and to visitors who wish to experience a county fair that showcases aspects of our agricultural community and life in rural PEI.

This year we are pleased to welcome the Mi’kmaq community through our funding from Canada 150.  This helps us celebrate 150 years of Canadian diversity.  The day-long activities will focus on diversity, reconciliation, environment, education and youth in this great country from the Mi’kmaq perspective.

Each year we attempt to offer a new challenge to bakers and this year it is the traditional walnut cake that was often used as a wedding cake many years ago. A sample recipe is provided on our website (crapaudexhibition.com) and it is to be presented as a naked cake which is the newest term used for cakes with no icing.

The annual exhibition will be held on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, July28th, 29th, and 30th.  The annual PEI Truck and Tractor Pull Competition will be held the following weekend on Friday, August 4 and Saturday, August 5, with a rain date of Sunday, August 6, 2017.

We hope you plan to spend some time at our fair.        

 R. Elmer MacDonald,   President


New Gate Prices for Saturday Exhibition Day:  Child (11&under) free (must be accompanied by an adult), Adult (12&up) $8.00, Parking is free.  In the name of fairness, all participants, guests and all other adult attendees of the Crapaud Exhibition will be required to pay admission at the gates, with the exception of 4-H members who show their 4-H membership cards.  We thank you for your cooperation. 


Crapaud Exhibition Schedule of Events 2017

Friday, July 28th, 2017

9am - 12noon                       4-H Entries must be received

10am – 1:30pm                    Domestic science entries received at Crapaud Curling Club

1pm                                        4-H classes judged, excluding livestock

2pm                                        Judging of Flowers, Culinary Art, Creative Art, Photography

5pm – 8pm                            G&G Amusement rides, Community BBQ special $1/ride

5:30pm – 7:00pm                 Community BBQ (free) on the exhibition grounds      

7:00pm                                  Official Opening with Mi’kmaq Drummers, Elder Prayer, Smudge Ceremony,

7:30pm                                  PEI Has Talent show (Rules & Regulations on p. 6)       

Saturday, July29th, 2017     Gate prices: Adults $8, 11&under free, if accompanied by an adult

The Hampton Women’s Institute will serve breakfast from 7am to 11am in the rink canteen.

The Crapaud Women’s Institute will serve BBQ dinners from 11am to 2pm and 4pm to 7pm in the Crapaud Curling Club.  Canteen services are also available during the day.

8am                                        Gates open, registration for pulls

9am                                        Pulls start

9am – 5pm                            Display of booths (Actiplex)

9:30 am                                 4-H sheep judging

9:30am – 5pm                      Agriculture Awareness (John Walker building) small animals, poultry, rabbits

10am- 4pm                           Children’s Activities (Green building)

10am                                      4-H Dairy Showmanship, horse, pony, rabbit judging, poultry classes, Lawn Tractor and 4WD Truck pulls, drop off Blueberry pies and Walnut cakes

10:15 am                               Mi’kmaq Flag ceremony, Elder prayer and Smudge Ceremony (big tent)

11am-12:30pm                    Mi’kmaq workshops begin (big tent)

11am                                      4-H Dairy Showmanship, Barrel racing, Pole Bending

11am – 3:30pm                    Food Awareness court, Savour the Flavour (Actiplex)

12pm                                      Blueberry pie and Walnut cake judging (Actiplex), registration Lumberjack competitions

12:30-2:30                            Mi’kmaq drummers, dancers and Mi’kmaq Legends (big tent)

1pm                                        Lumberjack competitions begin

2pm                                        Blueberry pie, walnut cake and ice cream sale, judging dairy classes

2:30-4pm                               Mi’kmaq workshops (big tent)

3pm                                        Sushi demonstration and make your own sushi (Actiplex)

3:30pm                                  Salute to Champions (Actiplex mainstage)

4pm                                        Round Dance, Retiring of the Flag ceremony (big tent parade)

4:30pm                                  Potato peeling contest (Actiplex mainstage)

Sunday, July 30th, 2017       Gates prices: $5.00 Adults, 11& under free, if accompanied by an adult

9am                                        Barrel racing, Pole bending

1pm                                        Draft Horse pulls


PEI Truck and Tractor Pulling Championships 2017

Friday, Aug 4th, 2017       2pm Registration             4pm Pulling commences

Saturday, Aug 5th, 2017   9:30am Registration           11:30am Pulling commences

Sunday, Aug 6th, 2017     Rain date

Gate Prices: Weekend bracelet: adults $25, 11&under $10, Daily rates: adults $15/day, 11 &under $6    Pre Schoolers are Free   **Parking for all events is free


Agriplex 1 (Horses) Schedule of Events 2017



Dressage (Local)

May 20

Dressage (Maritime)

June 3, 4

WHA (Western Horse Assn)

June 24, 25

North River 4-H

July 3 (Monday)

Barrel Racing (NPBHA)

July 8, 9



WHA (Western show)

July 22, 23

Dressage (Local show)

July 26 (Wednesday)

Barrel Racing (NPBHA)

July 29, 30

Holstein Heifer show

July 29

Heavy Horse Pulls

July 30

Dressage (Maritime)

Aug 26, 27

Provincial 4-H Rural Youth Fair

Sep 9

WHA (Western horse show)

Sep 16, 17

Dressage (Local)

Sep 23

Atlantic Classic Yearling  sale

Oct 6 (Friday)

For more information, please check www.crapaudagriplex.ca or crapaudagriplex@gmail.com


Rules and Regulations for “PEI Has Talent” Show 2017 

1. Preliminaries will be held on Thursday night, July 27th, 2017 at the Actiplex at 6:00 p.m. Finals competition will be held on Friday evening July 28th, 2017 at 7pm.

2. Prizes will be awarded in three categories: Junior ages 6-11, Intermediate ages 12-17 and Senior ages 18-22.  All contestants must be in that age range on the day of Friday’s competition. Prizes will only be awarded for the 3 winners in each age group. All contestants must be residents of P.E.I.

3. All contestants must be of amateur status. Contestants must not be a member of a union connected with stage performance (TMA), may not earn more than 50% of annual salary from performing, may not have sung or performed on a record released for commercial distribution and may not have signed a management or booking agreement with a professional firm that is paid to secure you continuous work as a performer.

4. An act must be no longer than four minutes.  Any act running over the time will be disqualified. Timing begins with the first note, word, or action.

5. Acts using machetes, knives, etc. cannot enter.  Fire or pyrotechnics are not allowed on the stage at any time. Lip sync entries will not be accepted. Maximum group size will be three.

6. In any vocal entry, instrumental accompaniment by the persons in the act or others is allowed, but must assume the pure character of the accompaniment. The test should be whether the performance would stand alone if the accompaniment were removed.

7. Background tapes for vocals must not have any track duping or backing the lead voice. Evaluation of the tape shall be made at the Thursday night preliminaries. The decision of the evaluation will be final. Background music for dancers may not have tap or tap effects. Two copies of cassette tapes/CD shall be submitted for preliminaries and for competition.

8. Competition is open to past winners.

9. Contestants not arriving one half hour prior to Thursday’s or Friday’s competition will be disqualified from the competition.

10. A non-refundable $10.00 entry fee must accompany the entry or be paid on Thursday at the preliminaries.  All contestants must appear on Thursday evening at 6:00 pm, July 27th, 2017 at the Actiplex for the necessary preliminaries and practice.


Celebrating 150 Years of Canadian Diversity             Crapaud Exhibition is pleased to share with you in the celebration of the 150th anniversary of Confederation.  On Friday night, and Saturday of Exhibition day, Mi’kmaq culture will be showcased through sacred ceremonies, artisans’ workshops, and entertainment.   These are offered to bring all cultures together, celebrating Canadian diversity, inclusion, reconciliation, youth and environment.   See you in the Big Tent!

Friday, July 28th, 2017

5:30 – 7:00 pm                   Community BBQ on Exhibition grounds (free)

7:00pm                                 Grand Entry (Crapaud Actiplex) for Opening ceremonies with Mi’kmaq drummers, Flag ceremony, Mi’kmaq Elder offers smudge and prayer

7:30pm                                 PEI Has Talent show


Saturday, July 29th, 2017 (all Saturday’s activities take place outside in the big tent, Mi’kmaq artisans will be selling their crafts all day)

10:15 am                              Opening Flag ceremony

10:30am                               Mi’kmaq Elder offers smudge and opening prayer

11 – 12:30pm                      Hands-on workshops (beadwork, quillwork, dream catchers, leather work), workshops subject to change

12:30 – 2:30pm                  Mi’kmaq drummers, dancers, Mi’kmaq Legends (theatre group)

2:30 – 4:00pm                    Hands-on workshops (see above)

4:00pm                                Round Dance, Youth exchange of gifts, Retiring of the Flag ceremony

The "Stories of the Mi'Kmaq" will be performing in the Children’s Area (Green Building) at 11am and 3:15pm.  (Check out the Children's Page for more details)


General Rules and Regulations for Livestock

  1.  All livestock exhibits must be in place before 9am on the morning of the Exhibition. All exhibits must remain in place until 5:00pm on the day of the Exhibition.  Security will be in place while exhibits are on the grounds.  This rule must be strictly enforced!
  2. All exhibits are there at the risk of owners.  The Exhibition Association will not be responsible for any injuries to persons or animals on the Exhibition grounds.
  3. Livestock exhibits must be bonafide property of the exhibitor and must be tattooed/NLID/CCFA tagged.  Any party loaning animals to any exhibitor, knowing it is being done for exhibition purposes, shall be equally responsible for the exhibit.
  4. In all dairy classes, Certificates of Registration must be presented, if demanded.
  5. In all livestock exhibits, an exhibitor shall not be allowed to show any exhibit more than once, except in groups and special classes, with the exception being 4-H Showmanship.  Pre-registration is strongly advised in order to ensure adequate space is available.  Livestock entries will be received at the secretary’s office, exhibition grounds, until July 29th, 9am.  Exhibitors may forward entries by mail, addressed directly to: Crapaud Exhibition Association, 20569 TCH,  P.O. Box 153, Crapaud, PEI, C0A 1J0
  6. All monies will be paid out in accordance with agreements made with associations prior to the show and according to the clerk’s books.  No changes will be made.  Prize money will be withheld if exhibits are removed before 5pm.
  7. Check our website (www.crapaudexhibition.com) and Facebook for any additional information.
  8. The Exhibition Association reserves the right to refuse any entries.


Absolutely NO DOGS allowed in any buildings.  All dogs on exhibition grounds must be leashedThe management of this Exhibition will not be held responsible for any accident to livestock during this fair.   

General Rules and Regulations for Cattle Division (Agriplex 2)

  1. Every prospective competitor must transmit to the Exhibition secretary an entry paper containing a correct list of the animals to be exhibited, giving the animal’s name, registration number, date of birth, sire, owner’s name, 4-H member’s name.  No entry will be received by the secretary unless the above information is complete.  If false information is given with regards to the pedigree, not only will the money won by the exhibitor be forfeited, but the exhibitor giving false information will be disciplined.  Any competitor failing to transmit an entry paper at the proper time will be excluded from competition.
  2. No person shall allow their stock to run at large on the exhibition grounds.  Any person found guilty of doing so will be fined $25.00.
  3. Any person who shall interfere with the judges while in discharge of their duties, or who shall attempt to influence the decision of the committee in charge by his/her presence or remarks, or who shall use any contemptuous or abusive language in the ring or elsewhere on the grounds to the officials in charge shall forfeit the right to any premium to which he/she otherwise might be entitled. 
  4. No person shall be permitted in the judging ring except the judges, participants or officials.
  5. Any exhibitor lodging a protest against any award must make it in writing and it must be delivered to the secretary within 24 hours of the cause of protest.  It must be accompanied by a deposit of $25.00 which shall be forfeited to the exhibition if the said protest is found to be frivolous.
  6. All animals that are required to be tattooed must be done thirty days before the show.  All dairy animals must have NLID tags and beef animals must have CCFA tags.
  7. Cattle showing evidence of active ringworm, mange, or pink eye will not be permitted on the exhibition grounds.
  8. Entries will be received at the secretary’s office, on the exhibition grounds until July 29th, 9am.  Forward entries by mail addressed directly to:  Crapaud Exhibition, 20569 TCH, P.O. Box 153, Crapaud, PEI, C0A 1J0


Class A - PEI Premier Holstein Heifer Show                                  

11am     4-H Showmanship Class (Junior, Intermediate, and Senior); Prize money: Champion $100, Reserve $75, Honourable Mention $50; each participant will receive $10 – sponsor, Crapaud & District A1Club

1pm     Open Heifer Show Prize money (sections 1 to 7): 1st - $50, 2nd - $30, 3rd - $20

Section 1.            Junior Calf ……………………..……born after March 01, 2017

                2.            Intermediate Calf………..……Dec 01, 2016 – Feb 28, 2017        

                3.            Senior Calf………………..………Sep 01, 2016 – Nov 30, 2016   

                4.            Summer Yearling……….……..Jun 01, 2016 – Aug 31, 2016

                5.            Junior Yearling………………..Mar 01, 2016 – May 31, 2016

                6.            Intermediate Yearling……….Dec 01, 2015 – Feb 28, 2016

                7.            Senior Yearling …………………Sep 01, 2015– Nov 30, 2016

Following the placing of each class, the 4-H exhibitors will be asked to step forward where they will be recognized and their placing recorded.                                                           

Section 8.            Eligible – 1st and 2nd 4-H placing in Section 1 to 5

Champion 4-H heifer - $150, Reserve Champion 4-H Heifer - $100, Hon. Mention - $50

Section 9.            Eligible – 1st and 2nd placing in Section 1 to 7

Champion Heifer of the show - $300, Reserve Champion Heifer - $150, Hon. Mention Heifer- $50

Section 10.          Junior Breeders Herd (3 head, all bred by breeder, none have to be owned)

Prize money, sections 8 to 10: 1st - $50, 2nd - $40, 3rd - $30, 4th - $25, 5th - $25


Note:  The management of this Exhibition will not be held responsible for any accident to livestock during this fair.            

Visit the John Walker building to view Agriculture Awareness displays (poultry, rabbits, sheep and many other small animals)       


Class B - Poultry Show

Exhibitors limited to a maximum of 22 entries each.  10% prize money deducted for entry fee

Exhibitors of chickens and turkeys are encouraged to vaccinate for I.L.T.  and observe  a 30-day quarantine  prior to the show.  Poultry will be judged on 100 percent standard breed qualifications.  Five or more entries of a variety in A.O.V. will open a class for the variety.  No poultry exhibitors may enter more than two (2) specimens in any section.  Pre-registration by July 15th, 2017 is necessary to ensure enough cages will be in place on Exhibition day.  Send entries for poultry to Della Ferguson at: dellaferguson@eastlink.ca or mail to Della Ferguson, PO Box 34 Crapaud C0A 1J0.

** All animals must be well displayed with stall cards for each animal.  The area is to be kept neat and tidy.

Section 1 - Standard Poultry

Section 1: (a) Cock and (b) Hen

  1. Plymouth Rock, A.V.
  2. Leghorn, A.V.
  3. Wyandotte, White
  4. Wyandotte, A.O.V.
  5. Rhode Island Red
  6. Hamburg, Silver Spangled
  7. Hamburg, A.O.V.
  8. Orpington, A.V.
  9. A.O.V. Parti Colour
  10. A.O.V. Solid Colour

Standard Poultry prizes: 1st - $3.50, 2nd - $3.00, 3rd - $2.50, Champion Standard Cock of Show - $6.00, Champion Standard Hen of Show - $6.00


Section 2 – Bantams

Section 2: (a) Cock and (b) Hen

  1. Old English Game, Black
  2. Old English Game, Black-Red
  3. Old English Game, A.O.V
  4. Plymouth Rock, White
  5. Plymouth Rock, A.O.V.
  6. Rhode Island Red
  7. Cochin, A.V.
  8. Hamburg, A.V.
  9. Wyandotte, Black
  10. Wyandotte, Partridge
  11. Wyandotte, Silver Laced
  12. Wyandotte, White
  13. Wyandotte, A.O.V.
  14. Brahma, A.V.
  15. Rosecomb, A.V.
  16. Faverolle, Salmon
  17. Sebright, A.V.
  18. Leghorn, A.V.
  19. Japanese, Brown Red
  20. Japanese, Grey
  21. Japanese, A.o.V.
  22. Silkie A.V.
  23. D’Uccle, A.V.
  24. Cornish, A.V.
  25. A.O.V. Parti Colour
  26. A.O.V. Solid Colour

      Bantam Poultry prizes: 1st - $3.50, 2nd - $3.00, 3rd - $2.50, Champion Bantam Cock of Show - $6.00, Champion Bantam Hen of Show - $6.00


Section 3 – Pigeons

Section 3: (a) Cock and (b) Hen

  1. Show King
  2. Modena
  3. Helmet
  4. Racing Homer, Blue Bar
  5. Racing Homer, Check
  6. Racing Homer, A.O.V.
  7. Fantail
  8. Flying Roller
  9. Chinese Owl
  10. Ice Pigeon
  11. Show Type Homer
  12. Classic Frill
  13. American Show Racer
  14. Saddle Homer
  15. Portuguese Tumbler
  16. Dove
  17. A.O.V.

Pigeon prizes: 1st - $3.50, 2nd - $3.00, 3rd - $2.50, Champion Pigeon Cock of Show - $6.00, Champion Pigeon Hen of Show - $6.00


Section 4 – Geese

Section 4: (a) Gander and (b) Goose

  1. African
  2. Embden
  3. Toulouse
  4. Chinese, Brown
  5. Chinese, White
  6. Egyptian
  7. A.O.V.

Waterfowl prizes: 1st - $4.25, 2nd - $3.75, 3rd - $3.25, Champion Gander of Show - $6.00, Champion Goose of Show - $6.00


Section 5 – Ducks

Section 5: (a) Drake and (b) Duck

  1. Rouen
  2. Muscovy
  3. Pekin
  4. Call, White
  5. Call, Grey
  6. Call, Pastel
  7. Call, A.O.V.
  8. Khaki Campbell
  9. Indian Runner
  10. Black East Indie
  11. A.O.V.

Waterfowl prizes: 1st - $4.25, 2nd - $3.75, 3rd - $3.25, Champion Drake of Show - $6.00, Champion Duck of Show - $6.00


Section 6 - Turkeys

Section 6: (a) Tom and (b) Hen

  1. Any Variety

Turkey prizes: 1st - $4.25, 2nd - $3.75, 3rd - $3.25, Champion Tom of Show - $6.00, Champion Hen of Show - $6.00


                Section 7 - Exotic Birds

                Section 7: (a) Male and (b) Female

  1. Any Variety

Exotic bird prizes: 1st - $4.25, 2nd - $3.75, 3rd - $3.25, Champion Exotic Male of Show - $6.00, Champion Exotic Female of Show - $6.00


Note:  The management of this Exhibition will not be held responsible for any accident to livestock during this fair. 


General Rules and Regulations for Domestic Sciences and 4-H Classes

  1. All exhibits shall be under the control and direction of the Crapaud Exhibition, but solely at the risk of the exhibitor.  The exhibition will not be responsible for damage, injury, loss or theft.  Each exhibitor will be solely responsible for any article exhibited by him/her.
  2. Entry forms are available at the back of this booklet, on line www.crapaudexhibition.com or by calling Della 658-2626.
  3. Judges must not award prizes to unworthy exhibits.  It is the intention of the Exhibition to give no distinction or premium of any kind to an article that does not deserve such an award.
  4. In the absence of any competition in a class/section, for reason of number of exhibits or inferior quality, the judges will exercise his/her discretion as to whether a 1st, 2nd or any premium will be awarded.  In all cases, no ties will be allowed.
  5. All exhibits must be the work of the exhibitor and not previously exhibited.  The judges are authorized to award prizes to new entries only.  Soiled, defective or old entries will be eliminated from the competition by the judge and/or committee chairperson. 
  6. Only one entry per person per section is permitted.
  7. The Exhibition reserves the right to refuse any entries.
  8. Early registration is encouraged.  Please address all entries to: Della Ferguson, P.O. Box 34, Crapaud, PEI C0A 1J0, or email dellaferguson@eastlink.ca
  9. Entries received on Friday are to be handwritten as to Class and Section.  All entries will be received and recorded at the Crapaud Curling Club (ice surface) on Friday, July 28th, between 10am and 1:30pm, and not at the secretary’s office.
  10. The Crapaud Exhibition will donate the following prizes to the Women’s Institute with the most entries in Classes C, D, E, and F:  1st - $200, 2nd - $150, 3rd - $100
  11. All 4-H exhibits will be brought in on Friday, July 28th, between 10am and 1:30pm and judged on Friday.
  12. No exhibits may be removed from the curling club ice surface before 5pm, Saturday July 29th.  Prize money may be picked up at the Crapaud Curling Club only after 5pm, Saturday, July 29th.

Class C - Flowers                                                            

* means front viewing

Section 27 sponsored by Diana Lariviere, marriage commissioner)

Prizes:  1st - $8.00, 2nd - $6.00, 3rd - $4.00

Please Please refer to General Rules and Regulations for Domestic Sciences and 4-H Classes

Section Section 1*           Wildflower arrangement (youth up to 14 years)

Section Section 2*           Garden flower arrangement (youth up to 14 years)

Section Section 3*           Basket of mixed flowers

Section Section 4:            Orchid in bloom

Section Section 5:            Plant foliage (no bloom)

Section Section 6;            Plant in bloom (Geranium)

Section Section 7:            Plant in bloom (               African violet, one crown)

Section Section 8:            Plant in bloom (Cactus)

SectionSection  9:            Plant in bloom (Other varieties)

Section Section 10:          Lilies (one stalk, any colour, any variety)

Section Section 11:          Window box arrangement

Section Section 12:          Centrepiece of fresh flowers (not to exceed 8” tall)

Section Section 13           Arrangement of garden cut flowers (any height)

Section Section 14:          New Guinea Impatiens (potted)

Section Section 15:          Begonias (potted)

Section Section 16:          Outdoor container arrangement (non-commercial)

Section Section 17:          Pansy collection (minimum 6 blooms)

Section Section 18:          Petunias (3 stems, minimum 6 blooms)

Section Section 19:          Rose in vase (one rose, no other greenery)

Section Section 20:          Rose arrangement (3 blooms)

Section 21:          Snapdragons (6 short, any colour)

Section 22:          Marigolds (in display, 6 minimum, singles or doubles, any variety)

Section 23:          Impatiens (potted)

Section 24:          Astilbe (in an arrangement)

Section 25:          Perennial Phlox (3 stems in a vase, any colour)

Section 26:          Basket of Wild Flowers

Section 27:          Wedding Bouquet (fresh or silk flowers, hand held, ready to use)


Class D – Culinary                                                 

Donations by Crapaud WI

Section 23: White Rolls (in memory of Beryl Best), Tryon WI will donate $25 to the first place winner.  Entries made from cake mixes or Certo are not acceptable for competition and will be disqualified.  Gluten-free and diabetic entries are acceptable in all sections.

Prizes:  1st - $8.00, 2nd - $6.00, 3rd - $4.00

Section 1:            Chocolate cake (1/2 cake, no icing)

Section 2:            White cake (1/2 cake, no icing)

Section 3:            Brownies (4)

Section 4:            Muffins (4, any variety)

Section 5:            Scotch cakes (4)

Section 6:            Cookies (2 kinds, 3 of each)

Section 7:            Baked squares (4, any variety)

Section 8:            White bread (1/2 loaf)

Section 9:            Whole wheat bread (1/2 loaf)

Section 10:          Tea biscuits (4)

Section 11:          Cinnamon rolls (4)                         

Section 12:          Gingerbread (1/2 cake)

Section 13:          Strawberry Jam (cooked, in a Mason jar)

Section 14:          Salsa (in a Mason jar)

Section 15:          Scones (4)

Section 16:          Tarts (4)

Section 17:          Raisin Bread (1/2 loaf)

Section 18:          Coffee Cake (1/2 cake)

Section 19:          Pound Cake (1/2 cake)

Section 20:          Sweet Bread (not yeast, 1/2 loaf)

Section 21:          Brown Sugar fudge (4 squares)

Section 22:          Chocolate fudge (4 squares)

Section 23:          Rolls (4 white rolls) 


Youth Contests                                                            


Prizes:  1st - $15.00, 2nd - $10.00, 3rd - $5.00

Please refer to General Rules and Regulations for Domestic Sciences and 4-H Classes (Youth may enter other classes and sections if desired)


Section 24:          Playdoh Creation (sponsored by Augustine Cove WI)

a) 6 years and under b) 7 – 14 yrs old

Section 25:          Dressed up Potato (sponsored by Merry Pop-Ins)

a) 6 years and under b) 7 – 14 yrs old

Section 26:          Cupcakes (sponsored by Merry Pop-Ins Daycare)

Ages 7 – 14, decorated, 2 medium sized


Class E - Creative Arts                              

Donations by Argyle Shore WI

Original and amateur work only, please

Please refer to General Rules and Regulations for Domestic Sciences and 4-H Classes


Prizes:  1st - $10.00, 2nd - $7.00, 3rd - $5.00 (Sections 1 to 6)


Section 1:            Basket weaving

Section 2:            Quilt (patchwork or applique, hand-sewn or machine sewn)

Section 3:            a) Rug (hooked or braided)      b) Wall Hanging (hooked, pieced or quilted)

Section 4:            Afghan (knit, adult sized)

Section 5:            Afghan (crochet, adult sized)

Section 6:            Afghan (Swedish Embroidery)


Prizes:  1st - $8.00, 2nd - $6.00, 3rd - $4.00 (Section 7 to 31)



Section 7:            Afghan (knit or crochet, baby)

Section 8:            Cross stitch

Section 9:            Socks (knit, plain, no pattern)

Section 10:          Mittens (knit, plain, no pattern)

Section 11:          Sweater (knitted, adult)

Section 12:          Sweater (knitted, child)

Section 13:          Child’s hat and mittens

Section 14:          Baby’s Sweater

Section 15:          Slippers (knitted or crocheted)

Section 16:          Drawing (portrait, landscape or still-life)

Section 17:          Water Painting (portrait, landscape or still-life)

Section 18:          Oil or Acrylic Painting (portrait, landscape, still-life, abstract or semi-abstract)

Section 19:          Boot socks

Section 20:          Stuffed toy, suitable for a preschooler, no buttons

Section 21:          Cards (handmade, display of 3)

Section 22:          Scrapbooking (adult, double page theme)

Section 23:          Jewelry (button or beaded)

Section 24:          Scarf (knitted or crocheted)

Section 25:          Any item made from recyclable materials

Section 26:          Felted items

Section 27:          Prayer Shawl (knitted)

Section 28:          Prayer Shawl (crochet)

Section 29:          Swedish Embroidery (other than afghan)

Section 30:          Adult Creative Colouring sheet (mounted on cardstock)

Section 31:          Child’s Creative Colouring sheet (mounted on cardstock)

                                a) 6 years and under b) 7 – 14 yrs old)



Class F Class F - Photography                                                                 

One entry per section, minimum 4”x6” and maximum 6”x8” each entry, must NOT be covered with cellophane wrap, must be mounted on board or thick paper with a 1” border, no frames please, must be taken on Prince Edward Island, must not be obviously electronically altered (except section 10)

All entries will be judged on:

  1. Technical quality (composition, use of colour & light, cropping, exposure print quality, etc.) 30%
  2. Subject matter (originality, creativity, inventiveness, etc.) 30%
  3. Impact (does the image convey mood or emotion?) 40%


Prizes:  1st - $8.00, 2nd - $6.00, 3rd - $4.00


Section 1:            PEI Landscape (grouping of 2 – 4 prints each depicting a different season)

Section 2:            Portraiture (individual person)

Section 3:            Portraiture (people)

Section 4:            Portraiture (animal or animals)

Section 5:            Human Interest

Section 6:            2016 Crapaud Exhibition (Horse show)

Section 7:            2016 Crapaud Exhibition (Lawn Tractors and Truck pulls)

Section 8:            2016 Crapaud Exhibition (Livestock)

Section 9:            2016 Truck and Tractor Pulls or Heavy Horse Pulls

Section 10:          Digital Manipulation (photograph must be changed by photo touch-up software)

Section 11:          Mother Nature (Margaret McLure Photo Award, $20.00 prize sponsored by Gary McLure)

Section 12:          Children’s category (picture taken by a child, 14 years and under, 1st - $15.00, 2nd - $10.00, 3rd - $5.00, sponsored by Tryon WI)


Federated Women's Institute of Prince Edward Island Premier's Craft Education Aware of $1000 each, for 3 applicants

The purpose of this award is to enhance skills and proficiency in a chosen craft and to share your experiences with others.  If you have entered items in Classes E and F this year, and have been an exhibitor in any Island exhibition for at least two previous years, you are eligible for this award.  For more info, call Catherine at 658-2026 or PEI Women’s Institute office at 902-368-4439 before the deadline of June 30, 2017.  This is an Island-wide award.


Margaret McLure Memorial Prize (sponsored by Victoria WI)

Presented to the exhibitor accumulating the most prizes in the Domestic Science Classes C, D, E, and F


Visit the Actiplex (hockey rink) to see the display of booths, the Blueberry pie contest, Walnut cake contest, Savour the Flavour with food sampling, Sushi demonstration, Salute to Champions, and Potato peeling contest.

Children’s Page                                                         

Crapaud Exhibition offers a few classes and sections specifically designed for children’s participation.  However, children/youth may enter exhibits in any class or section they feel meets judges’ requirements and is produced by the child/youth.  Crapaud Exhibition encourages children and youth to participate in all areas of the exhibition, especially PEI Has Talent, 4-H activities, Flowers Sections 1 and 2, Culinary Sections 24, 25 and 26, Creative Arts Sections 23, 25 and 31, Photography Section 12.

Children’s Activities 2017 (held in and around the Green building)

10am                     Children’s area opens, Sandbox, Build-a-Birdhouse (while supplies last), Crafts, Face painting, Reading tent, Pedal carts, G&G Amusements and Rides

10:35am                "Stories of the MiKmaq"

12pm                     Mr. Magic

1 – 4pm                Island Bunny Trails Petting Zoo

2pm                       Mr. Magic

3:15pm                 "Stories of the Mi'Kmaq"

4pm                       Children’s area closes


Wyman’s Two-Crust Blueberry Pie Contest                        

Prizes: 1st - $50.00, 2nd - $30.00, 3rd - $20.00

10am     All pies must be in place at Crapaud Exhibition on Saturday, July 29th, 2017 and become the property of the Crapaud Exhibition

10am- 12 People’s Choice voting             


Blueberry Pie contest details:

  1. Wyman’s will supply enough blueberries for 2 pies for each participant;  blueberries and foil pans can be picked up at Harvey’s store in Crapaud
  2. Bake your pie from scratch, no commercial or professional entries allowed
  3. To season foil pan, rub both sides with cooking oil and bake at 350 F for 15 minutes.
  4. Include an index card with your name, address, and phone number on one side
  5. Use masking tape and indelible marker to write your name on the bottom of the pans provided.
  6. Winner’s name may be written up in the newspapers
  7. Judging Guidelines: Appearance - 25 points, Taste - 30 points, Filling - 20 points, Crust - 25 points
  8. The judges’ decision will be final.

Last Year’s Winner: Brooke Stead

For more information, contact Catherine Ferguson at 902-658-2026 or catferguson@eastlink.ca, Kim Ferguson at 902-940-7042 or check our website at www.crapaudexhibition.com


Walnut Cake Contest (to celebrate 150 years as Canada)

This cake was very popular during the time of Confederation.  Weddings and other special occasions were often celebrated with a walnut cake.  These were affordable and each had their own special flavour.  I was perfect with tea.  A sample recipe can  be found on this website, under the heading of Walnut Cake.

10am     Cakes must be in place at Crapaud Exhibition Actiplex on Saturday, July 29th, 2017, and will become the property of the Crapaud Exhibition.

Walnut Cake contest details:

  1. Your creation must be baked in an 8x8 square pan or funnel pan.
  2. Do not ice your cake.
  3. Everything must be homemade, no commercial or professional entries allowed.
  4. Use masking tape to write your name, address and phone number on the bottom of the pan.
  5. Winner’s name may be written up in the newspapers.
  6. Cakes will be judged on: Appearance, nice brown - 20 %, Texture - 20%, Distribution of nuts - 20 %, Taste, most important - 40%
  7. The judges’ decision will be final.
  8. One winning cake will receive top prize of $60.00, and will be auctioned off. Remaining cakes will be shared with the public.  Sample pieces and/or whole cakes will be sold at a set price.

For more information, contact Catherine Ferguson at 902-658-2026, or check our website at www.crapaudexhibition.com           

          Lumberjack Competition   


Please complete the following registration form with information about yourself so the announcer can share with the crowd.  Entry deadline is July 24th, 2017.  Be sure to register for all the events you want.  Ensure your partner has also registered.


Prize Payout:          1st                      2nd                   3rd                  4th                  5th

Men                        $50.00               $40.00               $30.00            $20.00           $10.00

Women                  $40.00               $30.00              $20.00            $10.00            ---


Lumberjack Registration Form

Please return registration by email to: mattersr@agr.gc.ca or mail to 57 Maple Ave. Charlottetown, PE C1A-6E8 delivered before July 24th, 2017.  Payments will be taken the day of the competition.





Phone #:___________________    Years Competing in Lumberjack Sports:____________ 


Program Information:______________________________________________________


Events Include: (Check off the events you are entering)

1) Bow Sawing*   M____W____                        2) Crosscut Sawing ____ Partner ____

3) Stihl Stock Saw* M____W____                     4) Open Modified Saw _____

5) Vertical Chop ______                                       6) Underhand Chop* M_____W_____

7) Jack & Jill Sawing _____ Partner ____           8) Axe Throw* M____ W____

9) Run Cut & Split ____ Partner ____                10) Kettle Boil ____ Partner ____

* Please indicate if you will be competing in the men's, woman's for these events.

Entry Fee $5.00 per event or $20.00 for all events. Money must be received before the competition starts. Anybody competing in the Lumberjack Competition must pay their $20.00 MLA membership before competing, it they didn't already do so.  I understand that the Crapaud Exhibition WILL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE for any lost or stolen equipment and will not be responsible for any injuries incurred while participating in the Lumberjack Competition.

Contestants Signature (or Parent/Guardian for contestants under 18)






Potato Peeling Rules and Regulations                              

The Crapaud Exhibition Potato Peeling Competition will be held on July 29th, 2017 at approximately 4:30pm in the Crapaud Actiplex.

1st Prize: $75.00, 2nd Prize: $50.00, 3rd Prize: $25.00

Aprons, gloves and peelers are supplied. However, you are permitted to use your own gloves and peelers. Please bring your passer and some fans to cheer you on!

Potato Peeling Rules & Regulations

  1. Contestants must be over 18 years of age.
  2. We can accommodate 20 contestants. Some spaces are left open for registration on Exhibition day.
  3. Contestants can use peeler of choice (paring knife or potato peeler), but no changes can be made during the competition.
  4. The time will not be allowed to stop. The contestants can take a break, but the clock will continue to tick for 10 minutes.
  5. The potatoes will be weighed for most pounds peeled in ten (10) minutes, not the number of potatoes peeled.
  6. All qualifying potatoes must be peeled clean.
  7. Potatoes must be peeled to an acceptable standard as set by the judges.
  8. If a contestant should cut himself or herself, and bleeding occurs, he or she must willingly withdraw from the competition or otherwise face disqualification from the judges.
  9. Judges’ decision is final.

To pre-register, please contact Catherine Ferguson:
PO Box 61, Crapaud, PE, C0A 1J0

Tel. (902) 658-2026
Fax (902) 658-2180
Email: catferguson@eastlink.ca

After 10 minutes of peeling the potatoes were weighed and the winners were: First:  Peter Bevan-Baker Second: ? Third: ?

Savour the Flavour                                                           

Come to the Crapaud Exhibition to enjoy the foods and celebrate the flavours of our local communities in P.E.I.  Meet the producers who grow, harvest, or process P.E.I. food.

The 2017 Savour the Flavour programme has been finalized with seven new recipes. We try to create new eating experiences that are easy to prepare, affordable and nutritious. We try to educate our audience about the producers in our area and our local foods. This year we will be presenting potatoes in a new way, along with beef, strawberries, blueberries and apples. You can watch a chef prepare these foods, sample the finished product and receive the recipes.

Our demonstrations this year are being prepared by chef Peter G. Hicks. Peter was born and raised in Baie Verte N.B. but now resides on his family's homestead (Gordon) on the Appin Road.

Peter graduated in the first class (1983) from the Culinary Institute at Holland College. Since then he has been involved in numerous competitions and won a gold medal in 1987 at Taste of Canada.

Peter presently is a chef at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Charlottetown and is a consulting Chef for Rodd Hotels. In addition to this busy schedule Peter has his own catering company “Classic Cuisine”.

We welcome Peter to the Crapaud Exhibition and are sure that you will enjoy all the demonstrations and advice that he will supply.

We will be getting local supplies from Thompson Potatoes and ADL.

Everyone is welcome to sit in the comfort of our open kitchen area and get some new ideas on making such things as Enchiladas and Potato Pizza. Demonstrations will be between 11:00 a.m and 3:30 p.m. Plan to pay us a visit.


Time                      Producers                                           Product Demonstrated or Sampled

3pm                       Helen Green                                      Sushi

3:30pm                 Salute to Champions

4pm                       Mi’kmaq (Big Tent outside)        Retiring of the Flag ceremony

4:30pm                 Mid-Isle Farms                                  Potato peeling contest


 Booth Rentals                                                                 

  1. Fees must be paid in full prior to set up. $25.00 for Non-Profit, and $40.00 for Commercial. Please make cheque payable to Crapaud Exhibition.
  2. Booth size is 12' wide. Booth to be set-up by Friday at 6:00 PM.
  3. A representative must be present at the booth at all times - Saturday from 9:00am to 6:00pm.
  4. Booths are not to be removed before 6:00pm on Saturday.
  5. There are four power stations in the Exhibit area.  Anyone wanting to utilize it must supply their own cords.
  6. Booth exhibitors are expected to supply their own equipment, including tables.
  7. Exhibitors are issued two passes per booth for admittance to grounds.
  8. Exhibition Committee will designate booth locations.
  9. Crapaud Exhibition Address:  PO Box 153, 20569 Trans Canada Highway, Crapaud, PEI, C0A 1J0

If you agree to the above, outlined rules, then please contact Catherine Ferguson at:

PO Box 61, Crapaud, PEI, C0A 1J0
Tel. (902) 658-2026
Fax (902) 658-2180
Email: catferguson@eastlink.ca



General Rules and Regulations for Draft Horse Pulls                        

Sunday, July 30th, 2017                                                                                        Judge:  Junior Bernard


Crapaud Exhibition Association Inc. sincerely thanks all the contributing sponsors for their support of this event especially Agro Co-op, PEI Draft Horse Association, Kennedy Metals Inc., Callbeck’s Home Hardware, Summerside Chrysler-Dodge.

Details and Rules for Heavy Horse Pulls:

  1. Crapaud Exhibition Assoc. will host a 12 ft. pull on Sunday, July 30th, 2017 at 1pm.
  2. Maritime owned teams will be eligible for 2017 event.
  3. A maximum of 24 teams will be permitted; first 24 entries received will have priority.
  4. Teams must be weighed in between 10:30am and 12noon, July 30th, 2017.
  5. Horse pullers are to enter exhibition grounds via driveway next to Red Rooster Restaurant
  6. PEI Horse Pullers Assoc.  12 ft. rules will be in effect and strictly adhered to.  A copy of rules will be given to each teamster at time of weigh-in, if so requested.
  7. Horse owner/teamster must show proof of valid Liability Insurance at time of weigh-in.
  8. Pulls will have 3 divisions:  Light (2900 lbs & under), Medium (2901 lbs to 3300 lbs), Heavy (over 3301 lbs)
  9. Prizes will be awarded for each division: 1st - $200 plus special ribbon, 2nd - $150 plus special ribbon, 3rd - $100 plus special ribbon, all others - $50.
  10. In addition to the above prizes, special awards will be presented to: a) Most Sportsmanlike Teamster, b) Best Teamster’s Assistant, c) Best Harnessed Team of the Event
  11. No entry fee required.  There will be free admission for person driving truck hauling a pull team, all others will pay $5.00.admission.
  12. In case of rain delay of Saturday events, horse pulls will be delayed until after the lawn tractor and 4WD truck pull has been completed.
  13. Teams must be pre-registered by July 17th, 2017.


Entries must be mailed, faxed or phoned to:   Norman Powell, Director Crapaud Exhibition Association, Box 37, North Wiltshire, PEI, C0A 1Y0

Phone/Fax: 902-675-3340 Cell: 902-894-4792 , Email: nlpowell44@gmail.com

Draft Horse Pull Entry Form 2017                                       


I/we wish to submit an entry to 2017 Crapaud Exhibition Draft Horse Pull and agree to abide by all rules of such Pull as well as have a valid Liability insurance to cover horses during the Pull and while on the Crapaud Exhibition grounds.  Please submit entry form by July 17th, 2017.


Horse owner’s name: ______________________________________­­­­­­­_____________­­­­__


Address: ________________________________________________________________




Phone number: ___________________________________________________________


Number of Teams: ________________________________________________________


Signature: _______________________________________________________________


               Date: _______________________________________________________________



Entries must be mailed, faxed or phoned to:  Norman Powell, Director Crapaud Exhibition Association, Box 37, North Wiltshire, PEI, C0A 1Y0

Phone/Fax: 902-675-3340 Cell: 902-894-4792 

Email: nlpowell44@gmail.com


Note:  The management of this Exhibition will not be held responsible for any accident to livestock during this fair. 




Exhibition Week Office Hours: Thursday 10am - 12pm, Friday 9am - 6pm, and Saturday 8am - 6pm Office Phone: 658-2030  

Treasurer Paula Sark Phone: 902-675-3246 (home), 902-393-8698 (cell), email: paulasark@outlook.com

Secretary Sherri Jessome email: sjessome88@hotmail.com

Crapaud Exhibition Association Inc. will have employees of a registered security company on duty patrolling the exhibition grounds and facilities from Friday evening, July 28th to Saturday evening, July 29th.  Enjoy the show!


Elmer MacDonald: President                                      Eric Dixon:  Vice President 

Jamie Thompson:  Second Vice President            Paula Sark: Treasurer    

Sherri Jessome:  Secretary

Gladys Lowther (Past Treasurer, Advisor), Frank MacDonald (4H), Arnold Stewart (Grounds Superintendent), Jamie Thompson & Jason Webster (Tractor Pull Co-Chairs), George Ferguson & Boyd MacQuarrie (Truck Pull Co-Chairs), Tom Albrecht & Jamie MacPhail (Advertising and Promotion), Jim Colodey (Member-at-large), Della Ferguson, Gertie Campbell & Fran Albrecht (PEI Has Talent show), Heather Dixon & Hilda Colodey (Agriculture Awareness), Anna Stewart (WI Barbecue Chicken Dinners), Catherine Ferguson, David Harman (Savour the Flavour), Ron Matters (Lumberjack Competition), Gerald Dixon (Coordinator Agriplex events), Gertie Campbell, Catherine Ferguson, Della Ferguson, Gladys Lowther, Fran Albrecht (Domestic Sciences), Norman Powell (Draft Horse Pulls), John Green (Holstein Heifer show), Jamie MacPhail & Eric Dixon (Gates), Fran Albrecht (Children’s Activities), Mack Dixon (Small Animals), Della Ferguson, Tom Albrecht & Kyle Ferguson (Web & Social Media), George Nicholson (Honorary Director)


We wish to express our thanks to all those who participate and attend this Exhibition.  Without your dedication to these events, we would not be able to continue this agricultural fair in the heart of the South Shore.  We do this for the entertainment and enjoyment of all.

Crapaud Exhibition Entry Form 2017                              

Use this form for all classes except cattle and draft horse pulls.  The Crapaud Exhibition will donate the following prizes to the Women’s Institutes with the most entries in Classes C, D, E, and F:  1st - $200, 2nd - $150, 3rd - $100


Name of Exhibitor: ______________________________________________________________


Address: _______________________________________________________________________


Women’s Institute Credited: _______________________________________________________




Name of Entry































Please address all entries to: Della Ferguson, P.O. Box 34, Crapaud, PEI C0A 1J0, or email dellaferguson@eastlink.ca, or drop off entries on Friday, July 28th, 2017 in the curling club, between 10am and 1:30pm.










My Garden


Here are some ideas for your garden of daily living:


Peace of mind, Peace of heart, and Peace of soul



Squash gossip, Squash indifference, Squash grumbling and Squash selfishness



Lettuce be faithful, Lettuce be kind, Lettuce be patient and Lettuce really love one another



Turnip for meetings, Turnip for service and Turnip to help one another



Thyme for each other, Thyme for family and Thyme for friends


Water freely with patience and cultivate with love.  There is much fruit in your garden because you reap what you sow.  (Source unknown)

Contact Info

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Crapaud Exhibition Association
PO Box 153
20569 Trans Canada Highway
Crapaud, PEI,
C0A 1J0
Phone: (902) 658-2030 (Seasonal)

Email: admin@crapaudexhibition.com

For more contact information, please head on over to our Contact Us page