Class C - Flowers
** means front viewing
Section 27 sponsored by Diana Lariviere, wedding commissioner)
Prizes: 1st - $8.00, 2nd - $6.00, 3rd - $4.00
Please refer to General Rules and Regulations for Domestic Sciences and 4-H Classes
Section 1** Wildflower arrangement (youth up to 14 years)
Section 2** Garden flower arrangement (youth up to 14 years)
Section 3** Basket of mixed flowers
Section 4: Orchid in bloom
Section 5: Plant foliage (no bloom)
Section 6; Plant in bloom (Geranium)
Section 7: Plant in bloom ( African violet, one crown)
Section 8: Plant in bloom (Cactus)
Section 9: Plant in bloom (Other varieties)
Section 10: Lilies (one stalk, any colour, any variety)
Section 11: Window box arrangement
Section 12: Centrepiece of fresh flowers (not to exceed 8” tall)
Section 13 Arrangement of garden cut flowers (any height)
Section 14: New Guinea Impatiens (potted)
Section 15: Begonias (potted)
Section 16: Outdoor container arrangement (non-commercial)
Section 17: Pansy collection (minimum 6 blooms)
Section 18: Petunias (3 stems, minimum 6 blooms)
Section 19: Rose in vase (one rose, no other greenery)
Section 20: Rose arrangement (3 blooms)
Section 21: Snapdragons (6 short, any colour)
Section 22: Marigolds (in display, 6 minimum, singles or doubles, any variety)
Section 23: Impatiens (potted)
Section 24: Astilbe (in an arrangement)
Section 25: Perennial Phlox (3 stems in a vase, any colour)
Section 26: Basket of Wild Flowers
Section 27: Wedding Bouquet (fresh flowers, hand held ready to use)
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