Potato Peeling Contest 2017

Potato Peeling Rules and Regulations                              

The Crapaud Exhibition Potato Peeling Competition will be held on July 29th, 2017 at approximately 4:30pm in the Crapaud Actiplex.

1st Prize: $75.00, 2nd Prize: $50.00, 3rd Prize: $25.00

Aprons, gloves and peelers are supplied. However, you are permitted to use your own gloves and peelers. Please bring your passer and some fans to cheer you on!

Potato Peeling Rules & Regulations

  1. Contestants must be over 18 years of age.
  2. We can accommodate 20 contestants. Some spaces are left open for registration on Exhibition day.
  3. Contestants can use peeler of choice (paring knife or potato peeler), but no changes can be made during the competition.
  4. The time will not be allowed to stop. The contestants can take a break, but the clock will continue to tick for 10 minutes.
  5. The potatoes will be weighed for most pounds peeled in ten (10) minutes, not the number of potatoes peeled.
  6. All qualifying potatoes must be peeled clean.
  7. Potatoes must be peeled to an acceptable standard as set by the judges.
  8. If a contestant should cut himself or herself, and bleeding occurs, he or she must willingly withdraw from the competition or otherwise face disqualification from the judges.
  9. Judges’ decision is final.

To pre-register, please contact Catherine Ferguson:
PO Box 61, Crapaud, PE, C0A 1J0

Tel. (902) 658-2026
Fax (902) 658-2180
Email: catferguson@eastlink.ca

After 10 minutes of peeling the potatoes were weighed and the winners were: First:  Peter Bevan-Baker Second: ? Third: ?

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