Class B - Poultry Show                                       

Exhibitors limited to a maximum of 22 entries each.  10% prize money deducted for entry fee

Exhibitors of chickens and turkeys are encouraged to vaccinate for I.L.T.  and observe  a 30-day quarantine  prior to the show.  Poultry will be judged on 100 percent standard breed qualifications.  Five or more entries of a variety in A.O.V. will open a class for the variety.  No poultry exhibitors may enter more than two (2) specimens in any section.  Pre-registration by July 15th, 2017 is necessary to ensure enough cages will be in place on Exhibition day.  Send entries for poultry to Della Ferguson at: dellaferguson@eastlink.ca or mail to Della Ferguson, PO Box 34 Crapaud C0A 1J0.

** All animals must be well displayed with stall cards for each animal.  The area is to be kept neat and tidy.

Section 1 - Standard Poultry

Section 1: (a) Cock and (b) Hen




  1. Plymouth Rock, A.V.
  2. Leghorn, A.V.
  3. Wyandotte, White
  4. Wyandotte, A.O.V.
  5. Rhode Island Red
  6. Hamburg, Silver Spangled
  7. Hamburg, A.O.V.
  8. Orpington, A.V.
  9. A.O.V. Parti Colour
  10. A.O.V. Solid Colour




Standard Poultry prizes: 1st - $3.50, 2nd - $3.00, 3rd - $2.50, Champion Standard Cock of Show - $6.00, Champion Standard Hen of Show - $6.00


Section 2 – Bantams

Section 2: (a) Cock and (b) Hen



  1. Old English Game, Black
  2. Old English Game, Black-Red
  3. Old English Game, A.O.V
  4. Plymouth Rock, White
  5. Plymouth Rock, A.O.V.
  6. Rhode Island Red
  7. Cochin, A.V.
  8. Hamburg, A.V.
  9. Wyandotte, Black
  10. Wyandotte, Partridge
  11. Wyandotte, Silver Laced
  12. Wyandotte, White
  13. Wyandotte, A.O.V.
  14. Brahma, A.V.
  15. Rosecomb, A.V.
  16. Faverolle, Salmon
  17. Sebright, A.V.
  18. Leghorn, A.V.
  19. Japanese, Brown Red
  20. Japanese, Grey
  21. Japanese, A.o.V.
  22. Silkie A.V.
  23. D’Uccle, A.V.
  24. Cornish, A.V.
  25. A.O.V. Parti Colour
  26. A.O.V. Solid Colour





Bantam Poultry prizes: 1st - $3.50, 2nd - $3.00, 3rd - $2.50, Champion Bantam Cock of Show - $6.00, Champion Bantam Hen of Show - $6.00


Section 3 – Pigeons

Section 3: (a) Cock and (b) Hen



  1. Show King
  2. Modena
  3. Helmet
  4. Racing Homer, Blue Bar
  5. Racing Homer, Check
  6. Racing Homer, A.O.V.
  7. Fantail
  8. Flying Roller
  9. Chinese Owl
  10. Ice Pigeon
  11. Show Type Homer
  12. Classic Frill
  13. American Show Racer
  14. Saddle Homer
  15. Portuguese Tumbler
  16. Dove
  17. A.O.V.






Pigeon prizes: 1st - $3.50, 2nd - $3.00, 3rd - $2.50, Champion Pigeon Cock of Show - $6.00, Champion Pigeon Hen of Show - $6.00


Section 4 – Geese

Section 4: (a) Gander and (b) Goose



  1. African
  2. Embden
  3. Toulouse
  4. Chinese, Brown
  5. Chinese, White
  6. Egyptian
  7. A.O.V.





Waterfowl prizes: 1st - $4.25, 2nd - $3.75, 3rd - $3.25, Champion Gander of Show - $6.00, Champion Goose of Show - $6.00


Section 5 – Ducks

Section 5: (a) Drake and (b) Duck



  1. Rouen
  2. Muscovy
  3. Pekin
  4. Call, White
  5. Call, Grey
  6. Call, Pastel
  7. Call, A.O.V.
  8. Khaki Campbell
  9. Indian Runner
  10. Black East Indie
  11. A.O.V.





Waterfowl prizes: 1st - $4.25, 2nd - $3.75, 3rd - $3.25, Champion Drake of Show - $6.00, Champion Duck of Show - $6.00


Section 6 - Turkeys

Section 6: (a) Tom and (b) Hen

  1. Any Variety

Turkey prizes: 1st - $4.25, 2nd - $3.75, 3rd - $3.25, Champion Tom of Show - $6.00, Champion Hen of Show - $6.00


                Section 7 - Exotic Birds

                Section 7: (a) Male and (b) Female

  1. Any Variety

Exotic bird prizes: 1st - $4.25, 2nd - $3.75, 3rd - $3.25, Champion Exotic Male of Show - $6.00, Champion Exotic Female of Show - $6.00


Note:  The management of this Exhibition will not be held responsible for any accident to livestock during this fair. 


General Rules and Regulations for Domestic Sciences and 4-H Classes

  1. All exhibits shall be under the control and direction of the Crapaud Exhibition, but solely at the risk of the exhibitor.  The exhibition will not be responsible for damage, injury, loss or theft.  Each exhibitor will be solely responsible for any article exhibited by him/her.
  2. Entry forms are available at the back of this booklet, on line www.crapaudexhibition.com or by calling Della 658-2626.
  3. Judges must not award prizes to unworthy exhibits.  It is the intention of the Exhibition to give no distinction or premium of any kind to an article that does not deserve such an award.
  4. In the absence of any competition in a class/section, for reason of number of exhibits or inferior quality, the judges will exercise his/her discretion as to whether a 1st, 2nd or any premium will be awarded.  In all cases, no ties will be allowed.
  5. All exhibits must be the work of the exhibitor and not previously exhibited.  The judges are authorized to award prizes to new entries only.  Soiled, defective or old entries will be eliminated from the competition by the judge and/or committee chairperson. 
  6. Only one entry per person per section is permitted.
  7. The Exhibition reserves the right to refuse any entries.
  8. Early registration is encouraged.  Please address all entries to: Della Ferguson, P.O. Box 34, Crapaud, PEI C0A 1J0, or email dellaferguson@eastlink.ca
  9. Entries received on Friday are to be handwritten as to Class and Section.  All entries will be received and recorded at the Crapaud Curling Club (ice surface) on Friday, July 28th, between 10am and 1:30pm, and not at the secretary’s office.
  10. The Crapaud Exhibition will donate the following prizes to the Women’s Institute with the most entries in Classes C, D, E, and F:  1st - $200, 2nd - $150, 3rd - $100


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