Woodsmen Competition 2017



Woodsmen Competition

          Lumberjack Competition   __________   _____   


Please complete the following registration form with information about yourself so the announcer can share with the crowd.  Entry deadline is July 24th, 2017.  Be sure to register for all the events you want.  Ensure your partner has also registered.


Prize Payout:          1st                      2nd                   3rd                  4th                  5th

Men                        $50.00               $40.00               $30.00            $20.00           $10.00

Women                  $40.00               $30.00              $20.00            $10.00            ---


Lumberjack Registration Form

Please return registration by email to: mattersr@agr.gc.ca or mail to 57 Maple Ave. Charlottetown, PE C1A-6E8 delivered before July 24th, 2017.  Payments will be taken the day of the competition.





Phone #:___________________    Years Competing in Lumberjack Sports:____________ 


Program Information:______________________________________________________


Events Include: (Check off the events you are entering)

1) Bow Sawing*   M____W____                        2) Crosscut Sawing ____ Partner ____

3) Stihl Stock Saw* M____W____                     4) Open Modified Saw _____

5) Vertical Chop ______                                       6) Underhand Chop* M_____W_____

7) Jack & Jill Sawing _____ Partner ____           8) Axe Throw* M____ W____

9) Run Cut & Split ____ Partner ____                10) Kettle Boil ____ Partner ____

* Please indicate if you will be competing in the men's, woman's for these events.

Entry Fee $5.00 per event or $20.00 for all events. Money must be received before the competition starts. Anybody competing in the Lumberjack Competition must pay their $20.00 MLA membership before competing, it they didn't already do so.  I understand that the Crapaud Exhibition WILL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE for any lost or stolen equipment and will not be responsible for any injuries incurred while participating in the Lumberjack Competition.

Contestants Signature (or Parent/Guardian for contestants under 18)







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