General Rules and Regulations for the Cattle Division (Agriplex 2)

  1. Every prospective competitor must transmit to the Exhibition secretary an entry paper containing a correct list of the animals to be exhibited, giving the animal’s name, registration number, date of birth, sire, owner’s name, and 4-H member’s name. No entry will be received by the secretary unless the above information is complete. If false information is given with regards to the pedigree, not only will the money won by the exhibitor be forfeited, but the exhibitor giving false information will be disciplined. Any competitor failing to transmit an entry paper at the proper time will be excluded from competition.
  2. No person shall allow their stock to run at large on the exhibition grounds. Any person found guilty of doing so will be fined $25.00.
  3. Any person who shall interfere with the judges while in discharge of their duties, or who shall attempt to influence the decision of the committee in charge by his/her presence or remarks, or who shall use any contemptuous or abusive language in the ring or elsewhere on the grounds to the officials in charge shall forfeit the right to any premium to which he/she otherwise might be permitted.
  4. No person shall be permitted in the judging ring except the judges, participants, or officials.
  5. Any exhibitor lodging a protest against any award must make it in writing and it must be delivered to the secretary within 24 hours of the cause of protest. It must be accompanied by a deposit of $25.00 which shall be forfeited to the exhibition if the said protest is found to be frivolous.
  6. All animals that are required to be tattooed must be done thirty days before the show. All dairy animals must have NLID tags and beef animals must have CCFA tags.
  7. Cattle showing evidence of active ringworm, mange, or pink eye will not be permitted on the exhibition grounds.
  8. Entries will be received at the secretary’s office, on the exhibition grounds until July 28th at 9:00 AM. Forward entries by mail addressed directly to:
    Crapaud Exhibition â‹… 20569 TCH â‹… PO Box 153 â‹… Crapaud, PEI â‹… C0A 1J0

Note: The management of this Exhibition will not be held responsible for any accident to livestock during this fair.

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