General Rules and Regulations for Livestock

  1. All livestock must be in place before 9:00 AM on the morning of the Exhibition. All exhibits must remain in place until 5:00 PM on the day of the Exhibition. Security will be in place while exhibits are on the grounds. This rule must be strictly enforced!
  2. All exhibits are there at the risk of owners. The Exhibition Association will not be responsible for any injuries to persons or animals on the Livestock grounds.
  3. Livestock exhibits must be bonafide property of the exhibitor and must be tattooed/NLID/CCFA tagged. Any party loaning animals to any exhibitor, knowing it is being done for exhibition purposes, shall be equally responsible for the exhibit.
  4. In all dairy classes, Certificates of Registration must be presented, if demanded.
  5. In all livestock exhibits, an exhibitor shall not be allowed to show any exhibit more than once, except in groups and special classes, with the exception being 4-H Showmanship. Pre-registration is strongly advised in order to ensure adequate space is available. Livestock entries will be received at the secretary’s office on the exhibition grounds until July 28th at 9:00 AM. Exhibitors may forward entries by mail, address directly to:
    Crapaud Exhbition Association â‹… 20569 TCH â‹… PO Box 153 â‹… Crapaud, PE â‹… C0A 1J0
  6. All monies will be paid out in accordance with agreements made with associations prior to the show and according to the clerk’s books. No changes will be made. Prize money will be withheld if exhibits are removed before 5:00 PM.
  7. Check our website ( ) and Facebook ( ) for any additional information.
  8. The Exhibition Association reserves the right to refuse any entries.

Absolutely NO DOGS allowed in any buildings. ALL dogs on exhibition grounds must be leashed.
The management of this Exhibition will not be held responsible for any accident to livestock during this fair.

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