Class E – Creative Arts

Donations by Argyle Shore WI

Original and amateur work only please.

Please refer to the General Rules and Regulations for Domestic Sciences and 4-H Classes

Prizes: 1st – $10.00, 2nd – $7.00, 3rd – $5.00 (Sections 1 to 6)

Section 1 Shadow Box
Section 2 Quilt (patchwork or applique, hand-sewn or machine sewn)
Section 3 a) Hooked Item
b) Braided Item
Section 4 Afghan (knit or crochet, adult size)
Section 5 Swedish Embroidery Item
Section 6 Bib Apron (Hand or machine sewn)
Section 7 Afghan (Knit or Crochet, baby)
Section 8 Dream Catcher
Section 9 Socks (Knit, plain, no pattern)
Section 10 Mittens (Knit, plain, no pattern)
Section 11 Sweater (Knitted, Adult)
Section 12 Sweater (Knitted, Child)
Section 13 Child’s hat and mittens
Section 14 Baby’s Sweater
Section 15 Slippers (Knitted or crocheted)
Section 16 Drawing (portrait, landscape, or still-life)
Section 17 Water Painting (portrait, landscape, or still-life)
Section 18 Oil or Acrylic Painting (portrait, landscape, still-life, abstract, or semi-abstract)
Section 19 Boot Cuffs
Section 20 Stuffed toy, suitable for a preschooler, no buttons
Section 21 Cards (handmade, display of 3) In memory of Kathleen MacVittie
Victoria WI will donate $25.00 to the first place winner
Section 22 Scrapbooking (adult, double page theme)
Section 23 Jewelry (button or beaded)
Section 24 Scarf (knitted or crocheted)
Section 25 Youth Creative Colouring sheet
a) 6 years and under b) 7 – 14 years old
Section 26 Lego Creation (Max 12 inches x 24 inches) Adults
Section 27 Prayer Shawl (knitted)
Section 28 Prayer Shawl (crochet)
Section 29 Christmas Ornament
Section 30 Adult Creative Colouring sheet (mounted on cardstock)
Section 31 Lego Creation (Max 12 inches x 24 inches)
a) 6 years and under b) 7 – 14 years old

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